Air Conditioning

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Maintaining a comfortable environment is absolutely crucial to your success. As a Northamptonshire business owner, you understand the necessity of fully functioning commercial equipment, especially when it comes to your HVAC or refrigeration system.
Having equipment and service you can count on ensures not only your efficient and effective operations, but also the continued comfort of your customers, clients, tenants and employees.
Here at L&D Cooling Solutions, we understand the complex and intricate needs of commercial equipment. Unlike residential systems, commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems call for more advanced solutions that guarantee durability and reliability.
Fortunately, our highly trained technicians have years of experience installing, maintaining and performing AC repair for clients across all market sectors.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

  1. Better Energy Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills

  2. Increased Reliability and Avoided AC Repair Expenses

  3. Extended Lifespan

  4. Improved Convenience and Comfort

Superior Services for Your Business

  • Commercial HVAC Installation

  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance & Comfort Club Maintenance Program

  • Commercial Heating, Ventilation and AC Repair

  • Top Industry AC & Heating Equipment for Commercial Spaces


More than 5 air conditioning units in your commercial property ? 

We offer monthly service plan for your air conditioning maintenance 

We know how precious your air conditioning is, and how important regular services are. With one fixed monthly payment, you can get all the quality you expect from the air conditioning system for your services and parts. This means you can keep your service history up to date at a manageable, locked-in price. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll put the same love and attention into servicing your air conditioning units!


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