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Air Conditioning

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To tackle the high and low temperatures nowadays, it is a reasonable solution to install an Air Conditioning system. This system is basically a heating and cooling system rolled into one. The cost implications involved are less than the installation cost of two separate units.
At L&D Cooling Solutions, we suggest that our customers meet with one of our certified air conditioning engineers before deciding on any particular air conditioning equipment. We will carefully evaluate your home and requirements in order to formulate a design that is perfect for your air conditioning installation. Our quotations are detailed and definitely worth a second look. The pricing is affordable, however, you can be assured that the home air conditioning system's quality is never compromised. Domestic air conditioning is an area we have been involved in for years and we have mastered this service completely.

Superior Services for
your Home

  • Domestic Air conditioning Installation

  • Domestic Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service Maintenance Program

  • Best repairs for your home air conditioning units

  • Top Industry home aircon units equipment

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

  1. Better Energy Efficiency and Lower Energy Bills

  2. Increased Reliability and Avoided AC Repair Expenses

  3. Extended Lifespan

  4. Improved Convenience and Comfort

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