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Installing Air Conditioning in your home

Air conditioning and air ventilation systems are more often than not found in offices. They are incredibly useful and ensure that the environment is kept at just the right temperature for the staff and customers alike.

It makes sense to have air conditioning in these busy spaces, where there are lots of people. However, more people are starting to choose air conditioning systems for their home too. But is it actually something that is worthwhile investing in?


The most obvious benefit to air conditioning is that it makes sure that your house is always at the right temperature. There are systems that you can install that are designed just to pump cold air into the room. There are also systems that are designed to pump warm air too. Which means even the coldest spots of your house, such as an extension or conservatories can be warm during the winter months, as well as cool when the weather does get warmer.

Types of Installations

  • Simple systems designed for a single room application will have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. These are known as single room air conditioners

  • The next option is a split air conditioner which is one outdoor unit with two, three or four indoor units. They are all on or all off, and will either all be in heating or cooling mode. These would be used in large room applications

  • The third, and most flexible, domestic unit is the multi-split. This is one outdoor unit and up to eight indoor units with a maximum heating capacity of around 12kW (depending on manufacturer). Each indoor unit can be individually controlled so you could have heating or cooling in one to eight locations. Any more diversity than that and you are looking at the commercial products, and you would probably need a three-phase electricity supply.


  • Wide range of shapes and sizes

  • Available in different levels of complexity, from single room air conditioners to multi-split units

There are a number of reasons why you might install air conditioning in your home, in your living room, bedroom or perhaps conservatory air conditioning. Having a home that’s comfortable and the right temperature for you and your family.

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