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All aspects of
Air conditioning & Refrigeration in Northampton

air conditioning northampton


Domestic | Commercial 

  • Cost effective and quick installation

  • We work with all leading brands of air conditioning equipment

  • Provide up to 4 years of warranty for new installs

  • Emergency repairs 

  • Free Quote Match - contact us for details 

refrogeration northampton


Commercial refrigeration units

  • Cold and freezer rooms

  • Display chillers and freezers

  • Emergency repairs 

  • Free Quote Match - contact us for details 

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Air Conditioning Installation

4 steps to a successful air conditioner installation

  1. Once we have received your request for air conditioning installation we will contact you to arrange the best time to visit your premises and scope your installation project. We will advise on the best approach and make you aware of industry standards so that you can take an informed decision

  2. We will provide you with a quote which is detail the type of installation and we will also send you a plan for your air conditioner installation which will show where we will install the system and what is is needed in order for us to complete the installation 

  3. Once all the commercials and the plan has been agreed we will set the date of the air conditioner installation 

  4. After installation competition date you will be ready to enjoy all the benefits of the air conditioner including purified air and a balanced climate in your property. Read more about the benefits of air conditioning here.

Air Conditioning Service & Repairs



​Our approach for an Air Conditioner service visit:

Internal unit

  1. Cleaning the removable filter

  2. Cleaning the coil

  3. Checking the internal Electrical connections

  4. Checking for condensate water leaks

  5. Checking operation and connections of condensate pump (if Fitted)

Outdoor Condenser (both single and Multi-systems)

  1. Cleaning the Condenser coil

  2. Checking the Electrical connections

  3. Cleaning the unit casing


We will always perform a Temperature test on your air conditioner, which will highlight if the system isn’t operating at expected temperature ranges which could be a sign of low refrigerant and further investigation required.


Our approach for an Air Conditioner repair visit:

  1. Inspect if electric setup is running as expected, that incoming power is correct.

  2. Inspect both internal and external air conditioner components for errors 

  3. If an error is found we investigate this further, most common issues are with miss communication between the air conditioner indoor unit and outside condenser. 

  4. Once we have a clear understanding of what the problem is we will always inform you and advice if any parts need to be replaced. 

  5. If you are happy for us to complete the repair we will advice on timings, or if we can repair on the spot we will always do it for you. 

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